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My Rent A Car Conditions

Car Rental Conditions
- 21 years for economic group vehicles

- 23 years for medium group vehicles

- 25 years for top group vehicles - and to be over

Driver's license

- At least 2 years for economic group vehicles
- At least 3 years for medium group vehicles
- To have a minimum driving license of 5 years for top and luxury group vehicles

During the rental, the above preconditions will be sought for your driver's license and credit card if you can take delivery of the vehicle. A document that shows that the shorter the Turkish citizens without passports and entry into Turkey in the history of our customers must provide their additional 6 months as well. 6 months longer than our foreign qualified customers in Turkey are required to show the Turks license.

If My Rent a Car does not meet the car rental conditions, even if the reservation is made, the vehicle will not be delivered.

Credit card use and deposit

Our rental customers are required to have a credit card arranged on their behalf during the rental. This credit card must be open to internet use. This credit card will vary according to the group of the vehicle they rented, economic, medium and upper group vehicles for 750 TL, luxury group vehicles will be taken a pre- authorization of 2000 TL . 10 working days after the end of the rental process to remove the authorization process is passed to the bank in writing .

Pre-paid booking terms

The credit card holder (the user has to write his name on the card) and the person who will receive the vehicle must be the same. The credit card that is paid will be requested at the office.

For the cancellation requests up to 24 hours before the purchase of the vehicle, the first three days' rent (with all the extras) is collected and the remaining amount is refunded. If there is less than 24 hours, there is no refund for the reservation. For bookings over the price of special offers, no refund will be provided if the vehicle is returned early.

On-site payment conditions

You can ensure free cancellation.

You may be required to pay the rent by our authorities 24 hours prior to your lease to confirm your reservation. If you do not wish to make a payment, the reservation can be canceled by us.

Cancellation notices or by e-mail to our booking center via + 902523136669 .

My Rent A Car Price Terms

Services and products included in My Rent a Car prices

All prices you see on the site include the following services and products:
- Elimination of Exemption Accident Insurance
- All prices include Exemptive Accident Insurance (CDW). Exemptive Accident Insurance covers damage in the event of a collision. In case of fulfilling the insurance conditions, damages resulting from the collision will be compensated by the customer's part, depending on the vehicle group. This insurance does not cover non-collision damage (parking space, tire window lights).

ATTENTION !! Insurance Benefit from Insurances will be void and any loss will be excluded from the coverage:
- the use of the vehicle on the lease other than the name of the person,
- the use of the vehicle outside the normal conditions of use (use of the vehicle with high engine temperature, poor road conditions or walking on the flat tire, improper fuel filling, etc.),
- Use of the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, crossing the red light and other similar violations),

- Use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
- Damage or accident caused by a cargo carried in the vehicle,
- Careless and unattended use of the vehicle (not to adjust the speed according to the road conditions in wet weather, not to follow the vehicle at the minimum safety distance and other similar uses)
- failure to notify the liaison phones to be given to the customer immediately upon the occurrence of an accident or theft, leaving the vehicle at the scene of the accident (except if there is a preventive situation determined by the doctor's report),
- No necessary reports (traffic and alcohol reports) are received within 48 hours from the relevant authorities in an accident,

- The original key cannot be delivered if the vehicle is stolen.
- Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval and after the lease period has expired,
- Damage to the vehicle or other side due to the loads carried within the vehicle,
- Damages to the tire, glass or headlight are not included in the Exemption Accident Insurance - the amount of pecuniary damage arising from damage to 3rd parties is guaranteed under the coverage of the obligatory liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts outside the margins of the collateral.

Services and products excluded from My Rent A Car prices

- Non - exempt Accident Assurance (Top Cover CDW)

In the event of an accident, depending on the rented vehicle group does not remove the liability of the tenant in the amount of the change, the amount of damage without any collision due to the amount of damage (such as parking, etc. third party does not interfere with the damage) without the need for a customer report and a police report is covered.

- Theft Assurance

It guarantees the "job loss compensation" arising from the time between theft of the vehicle and the payment of the insurance.

- Third Party Liability Assurance

The material damages to third parties by means of the vehicle are under guarantee within the limits determined by the compulsory traffic insurance .

- One Way Fee

If the vehicle is requested to be rented or delivered at a different point than the specified stations, a one-way fee is applied. (Please ask for compatibility)


For the HGS service used in toll motorway and bridge crossings, the usage fee and additionally 10 TL / rental service fee are charged separately from the rental fee.

- Additional KM Package

According to the vehicle group you have chosen, the daily 250 km limit is applied. You can find this information at the time of booking

- Additional Drive

In the event that the driver's license shows and complies with the rental prerequisites (except for the prerequisite for the deposit), a fee of 10 TL / day is required for the second driver and for each subsequent driver.

- Baby and Child Seat

A baby and child seat can be provided. If you specify during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you.

- Requests for Change in Lease Contract

The rental price and the given booking confirmation are based on the conditions agreed at the beginning. A change in the situation it is not possible to be able to meet the operationaldemands can be in these circumstances (to be reservation of the vehicle, maintenance of kilometers to arrive etc.) May not meet these demands. Even if the request for change has been accepted, an additional fee may be charged as this will change the predetermined price calculation. For early returns, 20% of the amount to be refunded will be refunded as early refund and the remaining amount will be refunded. A change in any of the following conditions may change the terms of the lease. The request for extension of the rental period is taken by phone in the first extension and the fee is collected and confirmed by mail order . In the case of further extension of the vehicle My One of the rent a car offices should be brought and checked.

- Change the date and time of the return (extension / early rotation)
- Change of return station
- Vehicle group change
- Request to add additional drivers to the contract
- Time difference

The rental period is 24 hours. For each hourly delivery, an amount of 30% of the daily rental price may be claimed. Delays in the delivery of the vehicle without confirmation may lead to the failure of the Coverage Coverage Coverage (Full or Exempt Accident) or the addition of additional hours difference fee.

- Traffic Penalty Service Cost

The tenant is responsible for the traffic fines arising from the use of the vehicle generated during your rental , My rent a car, even if he pays the penalty for the relevant institution, he will also demand the penalty for the tenant.

- Other Operational Extras

In case you need to contact our booking managers, you can get information about the price and availability.

- Booking Conditions

Reservations made through our website apply to the following conditions:

The information you make from our site is made in a secure environment. After completing the reservation, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you have specified that a booking has been received as specified. You need to keep this e-mail, you will not be able to reach this e-mail again through the site. You acknowledge in advance that you have sent ane-mail to My e-mail address given during the reservation by My Rent A Car.

In case of inconsistency in the reservation information such as price, vehicle group, rental dates, My Rent a Car records will be taken as basis. Because of typographical errors or possible missing information my rent a car can not be held responsible.

In case of request to change the conditions of the reservation you made (before or after the return date, changing the return station, changing the vehicle group, request to add additional drivers to the contract), the demand cannot be met, or if it is covered, an additional fee may be requested or if there is no discount on the rental price .

All prices you have seen on our site include Exempt Accident Assurance, VAT and specified mileage right
In the event of a change in the rental day during the reservation and rental phase, the standard list price specified in the lease will be applied.

The lease will be signed during the lease. Even if you've Copyright Rezervace My CARs rent a car may not deliver the vehicle if necessary. You can call our call center for detailed information.

Although it is not a common practice, the selected car brand and model in the reservation you made can be replaced with an equivalent vehicle.

In order to avoid a problem in your journeys, please call the contact phones that will be notified if all possible measures have been taken.

You will be contacted by our booking department or you will receive a message following your reservation . You can pay with your credit card "mail order " or you can pay with your credit card. A pre- authorization of at least 750TL may be blocked , although this may vary depending on the group you rented from your credit card . My rent a car at the time of delivery of the vehicle, even if it is required to make a final reservation, even if you pay the fee can cancel the delivery can be canceled.

The reservations you have made on our site are valid if you have read and accepted the " Terms of Car Rental", "Price Terms" and "Site Terms of Use ".

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